[Marketing] Re: [theforum] cafepress etc

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Mon Feb 9 11:57:29 CST 2004

Hey David/Stef

Couple of questions;
1) do we have any baby toddler sizes - noting that the number of evolt
bairns is growing all the time ;-)
2) The main barrier to selling more to me is that you're paying shipping
from the US, and then our local post office charges sales tax and charges
you for collecting it on behalf of the government (and sales tax on the
charges), which gets really expensive really quickly - a single shirt ends
up as $50 or so. Any chance of having something similar EU based?


Martin Burns
IBM Business Consulting Services
Tel: +44 (0)774 063 9985

David wrote on 09/02/2004 15:03:22:

> well, advertise away!  sales have been rather slow of late.  i wonder if
> we should solicit submissions of fresh, exciting new graphics and
> humorous product ideas from the talent pool of The List?

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