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s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Mon Feb 9 12:58:29 CST 2004

<quote who='Martin Paul Burns' when='09/02/04 18:57'>

> 2) The main barrier to selling more to me is that you're paying shipping
> from the US, and then our local post office charges sales tax and charges
> you for collecting it on behalf of the government (and sales tax on the
> charges), which gets really expensive really quickly - a single shirt ends
> up as $50 or so. Any chance of having something similar EU based?

Hiya Martin,

As I told you a few weeks ago on the IRC I'm planning on seeing what can 
be done with a friend of mine who's already got an online apparel shop.
See <http://www.source.tm.fr>

The only drawback is that so far he's told me that he needs *advance* 
money so that the tees can be of really good quality (serigraphy is 
incredible). If any of you has ever grabbed a Fray t-shirt, she/he must 
know what I mean. It's *this* quality.

But he's also friends with a per-demand transfer t-shirt maker, so maybe 
there's something there. We have planned to meet about this question soon.

Of course, 'soon' in those hectic modern times is a relative notion. So 
far no date has been taken, but I'm hopeful. :)

His stunt would eventually be the same as cafepress: once the price for 
fabrication has been calculated, he'd add a few Euros for the evolt kitty.

I'll keep y'all informed.

s t e f

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