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s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Mon Feb 9 13:01:32 CST 2004

<quote who='David Kaufman' when='09/02/04 16:03'>

>>I did a little visit to cafepress this afternoon and saw that the
>>microfiber cap is not in the list anymore.
> i don't remember removing it... but at your request i've re-added it.

/me kisses David on the forehead

>>Does anyone know the reason for that disappearance?
> gremlins.  darn those hat-eating gremlins ...it must have been them.

/me doesn't throw water on David just in case

>>The quality is really good and the color is nice.
> glad you like it!  ...it's nice to hear feedback about cafepress's
> products.  i've only gotten my hands on 2 of the t-shirts (the plain and
> the jersey), the Gold shirt (of course), and the coffee mug, personally.
> and it's so hard to judge quality from a 30-word description and
> 2-by-3-inch gif :-)
> IMO the t-shirts are decent. the material is 100% cotton, but not the
> *best* quality or weight of material i've ever seen.  but the graphic
> transfer quality is excellent -- the 300dpi evolt logos look excellent.
> and they wear well.  mine has faded only ever-so-slightly over the
> last --what, 8 months?  and i've worn and washed it quite a lot.

Mmmh. I didn't like the t-shirt's quality too much. Transfers aren't my 
cup of tee (hah!).

> the coffee mug gets daily use, looks great and is as big and roomy as
> any i've used!

Right. Duly noted, I was considering buying one right now.

>>I like mine and have been advertising it to put money into evolt's
>>pockets. :-)
> well, advertise away!  sales have been rather slow of late.  i wonder if
> we should solicit submissions of fresh, exciting new graphics and
> humorous product ideas from the talent pool of The List?

Or maybe make it more apparent, or regularly reminding people of its 

s t e f

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