[Marketing] Re: [theforum] cafepress etc

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Tue Feb 17 08:54:11 CST 2004

Dave wrote on 17/02/2004 14:43:24:

> Martin Paul Burns <martin.burns at uk.ibm.com> wrote:
> >
> > 2) The main barrier to selling more to me is that you're paying
> > shipping from the US, and then our local post office charges sales
> > tax and charges you for collecting it on behalf of the government
> > (and sales tax on the charges), which gets really expensive really
> > quickly - a single shirt ends up as $50 or so. Any chance of having
> > something similar EU based?
> i hope stef can swing something on that side of the pond!

I hope so too

> another possibility to consider, we can order our *own* stuff from
> cafepress in bulk [and sell it on ourselves]

>     1. determine bulk buy + bulk shipping cost
>     2. research import taxes that will be levied
>     3. do the math to determine a euro price
>        that covers this cost + re-shipping "locally"
>     4. oh yeah, and setup a website + merchant account
> hmmm, maybe that's the hard way :-)

Yes it is, because in step4 we also have "Do lots of accounting for
cross-border sales taxes"

> but one thing *is* apparent.  whether we get product from cafepress or a
> local manufacturer, we'll still need #4) an "euvolt gear" ecommerce site,
> a payment processing solution and a merchant account.

Nope, never going to happen I think. It's way too much work. The only way
it's going to happen is if we outsource the lot of it.

I'd rather hand it over to someone like elReg:
http://www.cashncarrion.co.uk/ with us doing at most production of


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