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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Mar 9 20:47:27 CST 2004


> From: Paul Cowan
> I just received some (offline) marketing guff for
> <http://www.t-refer.com/>, and it seems to me that it
> might be something evolt should investigate as a
> fundraising idea.
> Basically, it's just an affiliate-type program for
> thawte's SSL certificates. [...]

anybody but thawte please.  i can't recommend them for ssl because they're
owned by verisign.

besides, there are a number of other, much less expensive providers that
many on thelist have had good experiences with.  geotrust is a fine example
and backed by more of a household name (experian) than even verisign.

> Nothing too flashy -- the base rate is 5%, stepping up
> to 15% at 30+ certs sold/month, but given that thawte's
> 128-bit certs are about $500US, then there's the
> potential to kick the funds along a little.

$500usd is for a 128-bit supercert, not the typical webserver cert used for
ecommerce which is $200.

> Seems particularly appropriate to me because I would
> imagine a very high number of, e.g., thelist subscribers
> would be buying SSL certs from thawte anyway: if they
> are, may as well get them to enter a referral code (or
> whatever) and get some folding stuff out of them.

agreed.  just anybody but one of verisign's red-headed step-children.


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