[theforum] list optimisation (was: Re: Wind down marketing?)

s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Mon Mar 15 06:09:25 CST 2004

<quote who=' William Anderson'>

> May I respectfully suggest the following:
>     thelist - As-is.
>     thechat - As-is.
>     thesite - As-is.
>    theadmin - content + sysadmin + desdev
> theprocess - marketing + finance
>    theforum - steering + theforum
> Content and development decisions are discussed in theadmin, similar
> non-technical discussions happen in theprocess, discussions from both
> converge in theforum.  Members of theadmin + theprocess should =
> theforum so  that cross-posts to a half-dozen lists are unnecessary to
> catch the  attention of the collected high-level evolters.

I'd say this repartition looks nice, although steering... I'm not sure.

Mostly discussions are done on theforum, but steering is the official
'marketplace' between the lists.

I don't know, actually. The purpose of steering imho is to centralise some
decisions and stick to it, and come back officially to the other groups,
kind of like a director board.

I'm not sure I'm clear, though.

Why would you want to keep thesite separated from theadmin?
(considering its low traffic)

s t e f

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