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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Mar 15 06:25:19 CST 2004

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On 15 Mar 2004, at 11:29, William Anderson wrote:

> Content and development decisions are discussed in theadmin, similar 
> non-technical discussions happen in theprocess, discussions from both 
> converge in theforum.  Members of theadmin + theprocess should = 
> theforum so that cross-posts to a half-dozen lists are unnecessary to 
> catch the attention of the collected high-level evolters.

Or alternatively, as content is somewhat different, as
1) directly maps onto site permissions
2) closed archives
3) based on writing skills, do this (assuming public lists like thelist 
are as-is)

more logical groupings of the existing groups are:

*) Technical (sysadmin and desdev currently)
*) Business (finance, marketing + legal stuff like priv policy that 
doesn't have a home as yet)
*) Content
*) Policy (steering & theforum)

I do have one concern about merging steering and theforum, and that's 
that a groups the size of theforum aren't usually well suited to quick 
turnarounds of decisions. Currently, theforum is longer-term policy, 
with lots of consultation time, whereas steering is set up for making 
fast decisions, with a known quorum.

Merging them *could* work on the strict understanding that if *fast* 
decisions need to be made, they get made in the time required, without 
anyone complaining that they weren't consulted...

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