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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
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On 15 Mar 2004, at 14:36, William Anderson wrote:

> Martin Burns wrote:
>> [snip]
>> The skills issue would also be significant, and so would the volume 
>> of mail mismatch - the technical discussion would get lost in the 
>> content mail, both of which, incidentally, were part of the 
>> separation of thesite off from admin in the first place.
> OK, I'll grant you that.
>                               theforum
>                                   |
>       +---------------------------+---------------------------+
>       |                           |                           |
>   thecontent                 theprocess                   thedisplay
> thecontent - what goes in
> theprocess - what's done to it
> thedisplay - what comes out
> theforum   - the intermingling bit

rearranging deckchairs to provide a bit more intuitive labelling, and 
ditch thehackneyednamingconvention (groups in the same order as above):

content: as content now. Answers site contents and edits articles
business: provides administrative environment (legal, financial), does 
any promotional work, and fundraising
technical: makes sure that evolt does has the technical capability to 
support whatever it does, whether that's doing it ourselves, or having 
someone else provide it.
theforum (keeping the name for hysterical reasons): provides policy and 
org-wide decision-making

Note that there will *still* be cross-group discussion and passing over 
of things, but hopefully much less than there is now.

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