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s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Mon Mar 15 16:57:47 CST 2004

<quote who='Martin Burns' when='15/03/04 15:54'>

> rearranging deckchairs to provide a bit more intuitive labelling, and 
> ditch thehackneyednamingconvention (groups in the same order as above):
> content: as content now. Answers site contents and edits articles
> business: provides administrative environment (legal, financial), does 
> any promotional work, and fundraising
> technical: makes sure that evolt does has the technical capability to 
> support whatever it does, whether that's doing it ourselves, or having 
> someone else provide it.
> theforum (keeping the name for hysterical reasons): provides policy and 
> org-wide decision-making
> Note that there will *still* be cross-group discussion and passing over 
> of things, but hopefully much less than there is now.

I like that idea. That would limit cross-posting.
No more steering then? Why not. A point to consider. I'm not attached to 
my steering rep title, mind you. But it sure structures things, doesn't it.

I can't, right now, say why I feel bad about the disappearance of 
steering, but I guess theforum would lack focus. At the same time 
steering is most often only used as a CC of things happening elsewhere, 
isn't it.

Damn. Two paragraphs ending with question tags. School english catching 
up on me. Should be sleeping more.

s t e f

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