[theforum] Lists! (was Re: evolt.org redesign)

s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Sun Apr 4 12:11:18 CDT 2004

<quote who='Lachlan Cannon' when='03/04/04 17:12'>

> A while ago there was talk of a redesign, that like a lot of things,
>  dwindled away and never happened.

You're right.
Who wanted a vote on list optimisation?

I see three possiblities:

- Neuro's:

* thecontent = content (the input)
* theprocess = marketing + finance (the ... process!)
* thedisplay = sysadmin + desdev (the output, or display)
* theforum   - the intermingling bit

- Martin's:

* content: as content now. Answers site contents and edits articles
* business: provides administrative environment (legal, financial), does
any promotional work, and fundraising
* technical: makes sure that evolt does has the technical capability to
support whatever it does, whether that's doing it ourselves, or having
someone else provide it.
* theforum (keeping the name for hysterical reasons): provides policy 
and org-wide decision-making

- Garrett's (and mine):
... would be to use either organisations described above, but to keep 
"I like the idea of having some sort of representative commitee inside 
theforum that can be called on if there is an issue requiring a quick 
and definative vote"

Reply by Lach:
"If there is a quick and definitive vote, then just call a vote, give a 
time limit of a day, count them up and move on it. If people can't make 
it in time for the vote, too bad. That's the exact same way it would be 
with reps anyway."

... which is a good point.

But then Garrett comes back with:
"Let everyone argue the various points, but at some point in that 
discussion I would like to see a group of representatives step forward 
and say "okay, time to vote on this and make a final decision"."

... which is also a good point, and maybe the solution could be found 
in-between, not by keeping steering members maybe, but by appointing 
chairpersons who keep things tidy, and define the date/hour to begin 
votes, and date/hour to close votes.

And the thread stopped there.

So, what do we do now?

Does anybody want to be chairperson of this issue and propose a vote 
that goes this-or-that way in a given time?

What do you think, all?

s t e f

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