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s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Sun Apr 4 12:33:01 CDT 2004

<quote who='Lachlan Cannon' when='03/04/04 17:12'>

> A while ago there was talk of a redesign, that like a lot of things, 
> dwindled away and never happened. So I decided to do the html/css for 
> Isaac's mockup myself. It's not perfect. In IE. So it will need some 
> tweaking, but to try to get the ball rolling maybe, here it is:
> <http://illuminosity.net/test/evolt/main.html>

Nifty and (not to be rude but) better than sniffles's
(salut Steph :))

> If anybody else wants to dip in and help fix the few remaining issues, 
> they're quite welcome to. In fact, please do. Also, it needs to be more 
> widely tested. I've tested it on Win IE/5, Moz 1.6. I suggest that our 
> requirements be win IE 5+, mac IE, Safari, Moz 1.6, Firefox 0.8 and 
> Opera 7+.. but of course that's up to the group to decide.

Firebird 0.7 is OK.
Win98/IE5.5 is not that fine, as you guessed.

> The remaining things not working in IE:
> * left hand nav column has too much margin / pad space

ul trouble maybe?

> * bits of (white) background colour sometimes aren't coloured

It's a bug with floats that I had to fight with not long ago.
I had to reorder my content so that my main div would not be flaoted at all.
In this case you should have something like left, right (floated), then 
main not floated.
Lacks in logical order, but works better. Shame, uh?

> * no bottom indent from login / search space to main section

What does it give if you add a bottom margin to the div#tools?

> * text area / text input for commenting isn't properly aligned

This one's weird, I've got no clue.

> * main section top nav bar (the white on blue) nav items aren't spacing out

Try adding padding-bottom:0 to your h2's and padding-top:0 to your p's

> * article details (at top of article) left hand part isn't properly line 
> spaced

Why not use a UL on this part, like in the right-hand part?

> * square list markers don't appear

Yeah, margin problem in IE.
More and more people are frustrated with lists displayed as lists, and 
set UL's display with list-style:none, and LI's with display:block; then 
set a background image and specify precise margins.
It's kind of ugly, in a way (a list is a list is a list), but in this 
kind of confined block it seems like the only visual-design-friendly 

> * member info list (beneath member name) doesn't have borders w/ spaces 
> in between items

I don't see what you mean :(

> * both main article and right hand info bar disappear beneath the left 
> hand nav bar at 640 x 480 (while I don't think 640 x 480 needs to be 
> optimised for, I do think it needs to be usable)

The main article comes down beneath at 500px wide here.

What I see that you didn't mention is the top 'work' nav zone. 'Home' 
seems to be flowing above the 'work' title, thus making the whole thing 
unreadable. OK, I'll admit 500px is very borderline.
But see how it behaves at 600+px wide: 

I'm sure it's got to do with all the absolute-positioned elements. Could 
you try floating them?

s t e f

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