[theforum] Lists vote

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Apr 12 07:48:34 CDT 2004

Lachlan Cannon called for votes and opinions:

Hi Lach,

Dunno if I get a vote or not ... (but I usually have an opinion handy!)


I think I'd prefer this one:

>>* content (content + marketing):
>>* code (sysadmin + desdev)
>>* admin (theforum + steering + finance)
>>- steering ceases to exist, however representatives are chosen to call 
>>administrate votes IF votes are needed quickly

Mostly, I think, because the other two choices lump finance with 
marketing and keep it separate from 'steering'.

I may not be entirely clear on the exact roles and responsibilities 
of the various groups ... but I guess I feel kinda strongly that the 
purse strings belong with the 'executive' branch. The 'board of 
directors'. The 'steering' committee. The 'big picture' team. Whatever 
it is that we call them ... and not with a separate team. 

IMO ... it looks like a more successful strategy to have the group 
that comes up with the 'vision' for evolt handling the spending 
allocations to make that vision happen.



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