[theforum] BEO ads

paul at rixort.com paul at rixort.com
Wed May 5 10:12:22 CDT 2004

> those pompous bastards at google declined my application!  they said they
> do
> not allow "sites that contain predominately copyrighted material" into the
> AdSense program as the reason for not approving me, and pointed me to
> their
> published policies (which seem to me to preclude warez sites, not open
> source perl documentation, but whatever).

I had my site rejected when I first applied (www.potmaster.com) but then
Google seemed to do a U-turn and emailed me a couple of months later
saying that they had expanded their programme and that I could join. I got
my end-of-year cheque in February I think (they were late paying out) and
it cashed without problems. So you might just have to wait a while or, as
suggested, submit evolt.org instead.


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