[theforum] *.eo stats: Page Views per Month?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed May 5 17:40:05 CDT 2004

who amongst us can answer the question, "how many page views per month do
all the *.evolt.org site's serve, in total?"

is this info readily available (i.e. can i answer the question myself?)  is
there one place where we can view such statistics across all the *eo sites,
servers (and mirrors) or can i download a month of the web logs from their
various sources and process them locally?

the reason i ask is that google's AdSense program has a "premium" service
level for sites that deliver over 20 million page views per month.  maybe
someone can answer yay/nay off the top of their head, but if it's "yes, we
do serve that much volume per month", i may need to be able to provide the
logs to back it up.


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