[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Wed May 19 19:55:57 CDT 2004

Paul Waring wrote:
> "The steering list is closed to steering group members which are
> representatives from the other working groups."

Steering is now defunct. Soon enough our lists should be updated to 
reflect a new structure (any day now, right? right?) of theforum, 
thecontent, and thecode.

Basically forum will encompass steering and finance. and in fact, there 
shouldn't be discussion going on in finance anymore either, since it's 
possible for them to switch straight over to here.

> What gives? I can access the archives of these groups (other than 
> finance, which results in a 404) and was told a while back on the "help 
> support evolt.org" page to join finance if I was interested.

The original idea, iirc, was that anybody could join theforum to pitch 
in, but only somebody who'd been around a little while and we knew was 
trustworthy would be allowed to join groups more deeply involved in 
running evolt, such as content (editing articles & replying to e-mail) 
or of course finance. You should be able to e-mail the list and ask to 
be let join.

As I said though, the lists should very shortly be shuffled, so you 
might want to wait for that.

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