[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu May 20 14:02:16 CDT 2004

.:| Finance's archives say otherwise. While no clear "Yea" was 
.:| recorded,  
.:| where we got to was "We have a stack in the bank, let's do 
.:| it. Although  
.:| unless we need to, let's not go mad and get a $200/month 
.:| dual Xeon if a  
.:| $79/month P4 will do the job."
.:| Unless David or Elfur are going to say different, we have 
.:| the cash,  
.:| jfdi as soon as you work out what you need.

Elfur has said bring it on
I wanna spend some money ;)


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