[theforum] Lists Hosting

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu May 20 23:35:53 CDT 2004

Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 07:51:06 -0600
From: Dean Mah <dmah at shaw.ca>
To: theforum at lists.evolt.org
Subject: Lists Hosting
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Hi all,

I think it's time to address the hosting of the lists.  The lists are
currently being hosted on a server that was never intended for that
use and shares space with a number of other unrelated services.  The
server is also being paid for by a few people rather than by evolt.org

The host ServerMatrix (http://www.servermatrix.com/) has been
proposed.  For about $1000 a year, we'll get a TB of data transfer.
The network connectivity also looks good.  It appears that we would
have enough money to fund the server for the year.  Then we would rely
on donations and pledges by members of the community to keep it going.

I suggest that we move as soon as possible (within a month).  We need
to get certain patches applied to the server and software upgraded and
it makes sense to do this all at once on a new server rather than
staging something on the existing one.  We can also address the lists
reorganization as well at that time.

So I'd like to get a discussion/vote on this issue.  In particular, it
would be nice to hear from the Finance reps to let us know if this is
a feasible idea.  If we could have feedback by next week or earlier
would be appreciated.


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