[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Fri May 21 09:04:34 CDT 2004

Dean Mah wrote:
> Since we've never jfdi before (never paid our own way).  Who is
> responsible for contacting ServerMatrix?  Should it be the person
> paying the tab?  Or should it be someone from sysadmin?

{smile} either, i suppose.  "someone from sysadmin" can tell me which
pizza you guys want and what toppings you'd like on it, and i can order
it, or i can give you the credit card number and you can order it.

i *would* like to ask them what current promotions/sales they're
running, try to negotiate a bit for a prepayment discount, some upgrade
in service, or at least use the promo code i googled for a ram or cpu
upgrade (or *something* -- i hate paying retail), so if you'd rather not
haggle with them, i'd be glad to make the call.

either way what does sysadmin have an operating system preference,
Redhat Enterprise 3, RH9, FreeBSD 4.9, or debian woody?  i think we know
i like debian :-)  also, it appears from their signup form that they
want one (and apparently only one) "official" contact name and address.
i wonder if that should be the billing contact (me) or an emergency tech
contact (a member of sysadmin)?  i also wonder if multiple sysadmins can
be "authorized" to call their tech support folk?

not having done this before, evolt might be forced to choose an
"official" system administrator.  you guys might have to draw straws :-)

by the way, if we *can* give them a list of "authorized" tech contacts
(would all of them have root, i suppose?), who and how many *are* our
sysadmin people currently?


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