[theforum] Lists Hosting

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Fri May 21 13:06:24 CDT 2004

William Anderson wrote:
> There's a saucy CMS running on top of Cold Fusion and MS SQL - an older 
> version of the code should still be at http://thecode.sf.net/  
> Leveraging this onto Linux is definitely more preferable as opposed to 
> leveraging everything else onto Windows if we decide to unify our 
> hosting platforms - I'm sure most if not all sysadminians will agree 
> with me on that one.

I personally prefer Linux - apart from anything else it tends to be 
cheaper if you're putting it in a data centre (although it won't make 
any difference for a colo). But hey if it works on Windows well it works 
on Windows. Whatever gets the job done.

BTW, only project members can access thecode.


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