[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Fri May 21 13:39:52 CDT 2004

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> Can you say 'community'?

Yes, com-mune-it-ee. ;)

> Crimenently, if you're not out there mixing with the people, you ain't
> part of the community. Filter and sort the messages to reduce the
> overwhelmtion factor (I own that word and I don't wanna catch you folks
> using it elsewhere!) but you'll never know what evolt.org is about if
> you're not there in thelist day in and day out. *That's* the community.

Fine, fine, I'll go back on thelist again. But last time I just got 
endless emails about ASP/VB/CSS in my inbox everyday.

> Tired of seeing the same questions and answers week after week? Write a
> flipping article that covers 'em, and then post a link as the answer
> every time some newbie asks *again* how you center with CSS or why their
> table displays in Explorer but not Navigator.

If someone asks a common question within my area of expertise, I'll do 
an article or something. It's got to be something like PHP though 
because I know next to nothing about ASP and ColdFusion.


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