[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Fri May 21 14:36:02 CDT 2004

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> No, I agree wholeheartedly - it's not as good as it used to be. So,
> what's not working the way you think it ought to be, and what do
> suggestions do you have for improvement?

Like I said earlier, I can't put my finger on it but I just feel the 
community aspect isn't what it used to be. There used to be a lot of 
activity around evolt, everyone seemed receptive to new ideas, meo was 
still there (it was a real shame that went in my opinion) etc. I just 
feel there isn't as much community spirit or enthusiasm anymore, and 
things seem to take forever to get done.


1. Scrap the hierachy of steering - it takes forever to get decisions 
made as far as I've seen already. If people want to get more involved, 
they can - on theforum.

2. Let people join any damn list they want. If they're interested enough 
to get involved, they'll subscribe and post. Get rid of some of the 
lists as well, there are too many.

3. Bring back meo if possible.

4. Implement partial mirrors so people like me can contribute.

5. For heaven's sake work out who the hell is supposed to be running the 
show. From the posts I've seen to theforum recently, we're not even sure 
who has root on some of the machines.

I think my main point though is do something and involve people rather 
than spending weeks voting on things.

Undoubtably someone out there will reply to this blasting all these 
ideas into space dust, but what the hell.


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