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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri May 21 16:21:19 CDT 2004

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On 21 May 2004, at 21:54, Paul Waring wrote:

> Martin Burns wrote:
>> *sigh* it's not a case of 'not allowed to join the list', but one of 
>> knocking before entering. As you've been told many times in the last 
>> 2 days.
> Well people need to be told this, rather than going through the 
> process of subscribing, confirming and then getting rejecting by a 
> moderator. It just makes more work for everyone. Had it said on the 
> listinfo page "you need to email this list to apply to be a member", 
> or something like that, it would save a great deal of trouble. 
> Although I still think it would be easier to allow people to subscribe 
> normally - I can't see many people joining a finance list unless 
> they're interested.

So I think now that we agree that the wording could be improved, can 
you please stop with the "I'm not allowed to join $list" rhetoric?

>> A lovely unqualified subjective statement.
> Ok, three maximum (I believe we had a vote on this recently, but it 
> still doesn't seem to be in effect yet). thelist, theforum, thechat in 
> my opinion.

No, that wasn't the bit I was challenging - 'too many' is a piece of 
string, and doesn't show a thought-through argument about what lists 
are needed for.

>> Well, get your PHP trousers on and do the coding then.
> All it needs in for each major (or minor, depending on how flexible 
> you want partial mirrors to be) section to have an entry in a DB table 
> and then link those to the mirror sites. Then, when you view a 
> download, you look it up in the table and find all the mirrors and 
> construct the links.

As William (and I) said, if you've got the time to code it, go ahead. 
William - can you sort Paul out with a copy of the current code?

>> Just because *you're* not sure doesn't mean that it's not in hand. 
>> Those of us who own the (I should point out: loaned) boxes know.
> From what I've seen on the lists, few other people seem to know though.

There are a few constraints in the way, not least of which is time. 
Surprisingly enough, we pretty much all have busy day jobs... which 
reminds me, I've a very hard deadline to meet on Monday - I'm supposed 
to be doing testing.


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