[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Fri May 21 16:23:36 CDT 2004

Martin Burns wrote:
> Indeed - here again there's a conflict: Do you want (a) less hierarchy 
> or (b) faster decision making?

I don't see why we can't have both. My suggestion is:

1. A vote is called on a particular issue.
2. The issue is debated for a set period, say a week.
3. A vote is taken, everyone has one week to register their vote 
(preferably a shorter time period, but I'm saying a week for the benefit 
of the people who don't check their email as often as I do). One vote 
for each person subscribed to the mailing list at the time the vote is 
4. The result of the vote is announced and acted upon ASAP.

The only hierachy I think we really need are the people who spend a lot 
of time working on evolt - mainly those who own/run the machine 
(obviously everyone can't have root access or own the machine so there's 
going to be a split there). No need for electing people to another group 
or anything like that, it just wastes time and adds another layer of 


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