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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Fri May 21 16:30:54 CDT 2004


> From: Dean Mah
> > If we did do something like that, there may be cause
> > to have leo and weo on the same box, and therefore
> > require a bigger one. This means either getting a
> > bigger one now (=more cash spent now, before it's
> > needed) or migrating again later (=more sysadmin
> > hassle).
> Does this mean migrating w.e.o to a Linux platform?  Or
> does this mean putting l.e.o, d.e.o, and b.e.o on a
> Windows platform?  Can we create a Web service to pass
> information back and forth between w.e.o and l.e.o?
> That's what I am thinking about using for the harvester
> to expose the search interface to w.e.o.

We can definitely go webservices all the way.  Get in touch with me offlist
when you're ready to bat ideas around about the harvester.


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