[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri May 21 16:36:12 CDT 2004

Paul Waring wrote:
> [lists snippage]
> Ok, three maximum (I believe we had a vote on this recently, but it 
> still doesn't seem to be in effect yet). thelist, theforum, thechat in 
> my opinion.

*gah* this has been voted and decided upon, and it's been explained to you 
already that this will happen *when we get our new box(en) set up*!!

>> meo in its old form was much abused, but the service got taken over by 
>> f2o. If you want meo-like hosting, I suggest that's where you look.
> I have an f2o account, but I'm not asking for meo to be reinstated 
> because I personally want free hosting (I probably wouldn't take it up 
> even if it was offered because I pay for hosted domains elsewhere). I 
> think it contributed a lot to evolt and kept people coming back on a 
> regular basis.

meo was a huge monkey on our back imo.  I for one am glad it's gone.  From 
what I've seen, Dan and co at f2o have a helluva time dealing with people 
abusing their very generous free hosting, and they regularly have to close 
their doors to new accounts, which must piss them off royally.  I know 
they're segmenting their "free" and "paid" hosting onto different boxes to 
try and help curb the problems - more power to them, and I hope they 
continue to do well, but I wouldn't wish a free hosting service on evolt.org 
ever again.

meo is gone, but in it's place will likely arise evolters.org, which is like 
the community within the community, or thechat aside thelist.  It'll be a 
playground for evolt.org members to (hopefully) post blogs, share ideas and 
have fun.  The evolters.org idea has been knocking around for a while now, 
and is reasonably dependent on new box(en) and redesign.

It sure won't be a free hosting site - there are plenty of those around, and 
to be honest if you want somewhere to learn how to use LAMP, etc, then 
sticking a hundred buck second/third hand PC off eBay and Fedora or Debian 
Linux on your own LAN will likely do just nicely.

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