[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Sat May 22 14:50:45 CDT 2004

Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> However, there is a difference of opinion in which direction to take certain
> aspects of evolt.org (namely weo) but the move of (what I think is) the
> majority would piss of an important person of our past and the discussion
> stops there everytime.

What difference of opinion are you referring to here? If the will of the 
majority annoys someone of evolt's past then that's tough luck in my 
opinion. I could see it perhaps being a problem if this person was here 
now (I'm assuming they're not given the reference to the past), in that 
it could lead to a "I'm taking my ball home now" scenario, but if the 
majority agree on something then it should be implemented.

> There have been suggestions of redesign, and either it will be done in a
> different environment than what we have now (and thus without Jeff) or it
> will have to wait until Jeff has the time (and that's what we've been doing
> for quite some time now, not bashing you Jeff)

The redesign doesn't bother me that much - I think evolt looks fine as 
it is. Yes, it could probably do with a backend overhaul to bring it 
kicking and screaming into the 21st century with tableless layouts and 
the separation of style and content, but I don't see what's wrong with 
the actual front-end of the site at the moment (don't know much about 
the code, since I haven't seen it and it's not in a language I'm 
familiar with anyway).

> We've all wanted to avoid yet another argument and that has lead to status
> quo for the longest time.

Arguments are useful sometimes - they let people express their opinions 
rather than just adhering to the way things are at the moment. I'm not 
saying we should have a huge flame war on theforum, but people should 
put forward their ideas without worrying that they're going to cause a row.

> As for the number of lists, the suggestion you offered is how we had it in
> the beginning, thelist, thechat and admin. [snip]
> And then the discussion srunk and we're combining some of these lists again, [snip]

Sounds like a neverending cycle to me...

> Leading to the discussion we've been avoiding for a
> while and a decision that means finalizing the redesign we've been intending
> to do for a while.

What discussion has been avoided for a while?

> Let's finish that redesign before the year is over.

If it's going to be implemented, I'm sure it can be rolled out before 
the end of the summer...

> Let's discuss the CMS choice and decide which one to use for the next
> redesign.

A custom system in PHP/MySQL would be my preference, then we can move 
weo to Linux rather than everything else to Windows. :)


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