[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sat May 22 20:44:38 CDT 2004

> Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> > You see, that's the thing, if we do that, we're saying goodbye to 
> > Jeff.
> So basically it's all about jeff?

Why the constant extreme and antagonistic language, Paul? The *only*
point Elfur was making in that comment is that .jeff has made a *huge*
contribution to evolt.org, and the rest of us who've also contributed
don't care to arbitrarily abandon his ability to support at the level he
always has.

That doesn't mean "it's all about jeff", and asking the question in that
sarcastic manner isn't helpful.

If you want to contribute, stop being obtuse and obstructive and rude.
You're the new guy, remember? The rest of us in this discussion probably
have a combined total of 25 years of experience working on/for/with
evolt. Maybe you could learn something from what we have to say, instead
of assuming so frequently that one of us is ingnorant or incompetent as
you did with Elfur's comment above.


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