[theforum] RFC: w.e.o and l.e.o Server Integration

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Sun May 23 09:32:42 CDT 2004


It seems that no one has an argument against changing the server where
l.e.o, d.e.o, and b.e.o are currently being hosted to ServerMatrix.

The one area of concern is what the requirements for this machine
should be since there has been talk about using a single server rather
than the two we have now.

Integrating the two servers into one will mean a bigger box and a
change in platform.


1) Move l.e.o, d.e.o, and b.e.o to a Windows platform to be place with
   w.e.o which is currently running on Windows with CF/IIS/SQL Server.

2) Move w.e.o to a Linux platform which is what l.e.o, d.e.o, and
   b.e.o currently run on.

3) Defer the decision and just move l.e.o, d.e.o, and b.e.o with the
   intention of re-visiting the issue either through another migration
   or by going to a distributed computing model.

4) ...


June 1, 2004 - 1 week from Tuesday.
(Monday is a holiday in Canada.  God save the Queen.)


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