[theforum] RFC: w.e.o and l.e.o Server Integration

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Sun May 23 15:05:48 CDT 2004

William Anderson wrote:
> Sounds like way too much effort to me.

Agreed, hence why I think we should keep everything as it is 
platform-wise and just move stuff across to the new server. Keep weo on 
Windows for the moment and the other stuff on Linux. I can't see a 
change of platform ever being accomplished at the moment, even if I 
would like to see it happen.

> - immediately implement a new community-funded hosting platform
>   which maximises our return on investment - i.e. favour an open-
>   source OS if it allows us to reuse funds which may have been
>   allocated for OS licence fees; a package which takes advantage
>   of any discounts, offers, etc we can get, etc.

As I have said earlier, I don't think we should spending donated money 
on license fees, unless someone actually donates a Windows/SQL 
Sever/ColdFusion/whatever license. If I donated money to evolt, I know I 
personally would expect it to be spent on the essentials - servers and 
bandwidth - and I would be mightily pissed off if I was essentially 
giving money to Microsoft or any other commercial organisation for a 
software product when there are free alternatives that are just as good.

> - immediately make a choice to retain the existing weo CMS, or
>   migrate it to the new hosting platform - this is, at a higher
>   level, a choice to fully rely on the community-funded hosting
>   platform, or continue to rely on a goodwill hosting platform.

I think we should retain the existing CMS for the moment until the issue 
surrounding people potentially getting upset if we changed has been 
resolved in some way.

>   while leo services are being migrated, modify the lists available
>   as previously agreed upon as part of the reduction-of-levels
>   discussion

+1. Makes sense to do the merging and whatnot whilst moving.

> Did I miss anything?

Deadlines for starting/finishing any of this? I'd like to see timeframes 
agreed. Lack of deadlines and, most importantly, milestones, will mean 
that these ideas will never be implemented.


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