[theforum] RFC: w.e.o and l.e.o Server Integration

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Mon May 24 10:05:13 CDT 2004

s t e f <evolt at nota-bene.org> wrote:
> <quote who=' Martin Burns'>
>> ..."I'd rather get the new box up and running rsn...
> Martin, just for the sake of us non-english, and although I know it's
> quicker for you to type it, could you use not so many abbreviations?
> In the last two days there was 'jfdi', which I understood as 'just
> f*cking do it', and i18n which is *very* geeky, isnt it? ;)
> This 'rsn' evades me entirely.

i don't think it's his English that's causing the confusion, but more likely
the IRC accent :-)

rsn = Real Soon Now


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