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liorean liorean at f2o.org
Tue May 25 15:27:16 CDT 2004

Jeff Howden wrote:
> William,
>>From: liorean
>>>Can we *please* for the love of $deity put one of
>>>those ickle orange XML buttons on the sidebar of weo
>>>linking directly to the RSS feed - I've asked for
>>>this already on the 8th of April and gotten a
>>>brush-off from Jeff, but still people have to ask for
>>>it because it's not made clear we even *have one*!

If you're going to quote someone, try to give proper attribution. Nothing you quoted came from me, everything came from Wiliam, but that's not easily seen from the way you quoted it.

> You did not get the brush-off from me.  You simply provided too little
> information to complete the task.  You can't just say "put it in the
> sidebar" and expect me to know *where* in the sidebar you think it should
> go.  Further, I'm in agreement with liorean about those annoying orange
> buttons.  Ack!  So, if someone has some feedback as to actual placement of a
> link to the RSS feed, I'm all ears.

I personally think you should add a separate Syndication page from which you link the feed, and use a link looking somewhat like this below the contact item in the sidebar.

/- - -/
- Email evolt.org

- Syndicate our RSS{insert version here} feed
*Recent Jobs*
/- - -/

Whatever you do, though, I would be really, really glad to NOT see the misleading "XML" label on the link/button. Sure, RSS is XML, but that is a little bit imprecise. XHTML is XML as well. SVG is. Atom is. Use the right abbreviation, preferably with a version number in it.
David "liorean" Andersson

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