[theforum] Fwd: [Content] Mail Alert! - Tue May 25 - 60612

s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Wed May 26 05:20:58 CDT 2004

<quote who="Garrett Coakley">
> This just came through on content.
> I'm going to recommend that he posts it as an article in the 'News'
> Category,  but then also sends a pointer to the article to thelist, in
> order to reach the  widest audience (given the noticable split between
> thelist subscribers and  people who read the articles on weo).
> As a safeguard, I'm also going to recommend that he prefaces the subject
> with  'ANN:' (per williams suggestion) and also inserts a note to make
> clear he has  cleared the posting with the evolt.org administrators.
> Any objections?

Nope. THat's all fine and good.

(can one say "HELL NO" in reference to the "HELL YEAH" trend, in this
case? :))

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