[theforum] Summary: w.e.o and l.e.o Server Integration

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 2 23:34:40 CDT 2004

A quick summary of the discussion.  My apologies if I have
misrepresented anyone's position.

Paul Waring:
A vote for migrating the existing l.e.o only.

William Anderson:
Believes that we should think long-term now and answer 4 questions

David Kaufman:
Assumed that we would move l.e.o, etc. immediately to a reasonable
sized box.  Then we would build/find a CMS suitable to run on the same
box or another box with the option to upgrade/replace the new l.e.o

Lachlan Cannon:
Believes that we should move l.e.o immediately but begin the migration
of w.e.o as soon as possible to run on the new server.  The new server
should be large enought to host all services now rather than getting a
small server and upgrading later to avoid extra fees.

Jeff Howden:
Only move l.e.o services to the new server and then work out what to
do afterwards regarding w.e.o.

Martin Burns:
Favours getting l.e.o moved over immediately although mentions that
the question of integrating the servers should be answered so that we
can decide the spec. of the new box.

Garrett Coakley:
Thinks that we should move the l.e.o services as soon as possible and
then like Jeff's suggestion, investigate new technologies and
integration possibilities later.

Spec for the raq:
AMD-K6-III 450 MHz
20 GB Drive
512 MB RAM

It seems that if we pay a higher setup fee, the monthly fee is lower.
There doesn't seem to be a yearly fee listed.  The minimum spec seems
to be the 1.7 GHz Celeron.


1) The general feeling seems to that we should move l.e.o, b.e.o, d.e.o
   services immediately.

2) There is some division as to whether w.e.o will be integrated on the
   new l.e.o server or whether we go to a distributed computing model.

3) There is also still some question as to whether we get a server just
   for l.e.o services or whether we get a machine big enough to support
   a possible w.e.o integration.

I think that the one thing that we can agree on is to move the l.e.o,
b.e.o, and d.e.o services to ServerMatrix.  Since there is still some
doubt as to whether or not w.e.o will be integrated, I would suggest
going with a smaller server.  There doesn't seem to be a clear
indication of the long-term strategy or a time to resolution.  I will
bring up the spec'ing of the server with sysadmin.


On Sun, May 23, 2004 at 08:32:42AM -0600, Dean Mah wrote:
> Topic:
> It seems that no one has an argument against changing the server where
> l.e.o, d.e.o, and b.e.o are currently being hosted to ServerMatrix.
> The one area of concern is what the requirements for this machine
> should be since there has been talk about using a single server rather
> than the two we have now.
> Integrating the two servers into one will mean a bigger box and a
> change in platform.
> Options:
> 1) Move l.e.o, d.e.o, and b.e.o to a Windows platform to be place with
>    w.e.o which is currently running on Windows with CF/IIS/SQL Server.
> 2) Move w.e.o to a Linux platform which is what l.e.o, d.e.o, and
>    b.e.o currently run on.
> 3) Defer the decision and just move l.e.o, d.e.o, and b.e.o with the
>    intention of re-visiting the issue either through another migration
>    or by going to a distributed computing model.
> 4) ...
> Deadline:
> June 1, 2004 - 1 week from Tuesday.
> (Monday is a holiday in Canada.  God save the Queen.)

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