payin .jeff (Re: [theforum] RFV: ServerMatrix Hosting for l.e.o)

David Kaufman david at
Sun Jun 6 03:09:08 CDT 2004

Jeff Howden <jeff at> wrote:
> Has Finance taken into account other financial obligations already in

obligations?  since becoming treasurer i've not been advised of a single
financial obligation that is in place whatsoever.

> For example, I've submitted several invoices for hosting with the
> that I can no longer afford to foot the entire $100/month that WEO
costs and
> could use some assistance with that expense.  I've mentioned this need
> assistance with the expense of weo for the past 6+ months and haven't
> received an acknowledgement that the invoices are being received, let
> even being read.

ok, well this is certainly news to me!  having been the treasurer for
about 10 months, i would have liked to have known about your invoices.
where did you send them?  to whom have you been mentioning this to, for
the last 6 months?

> I think before we rush off and create any unnecessarily large bills
> leo/deo/beo we take a look at some of our current costs and see what
we can
> do about meeting them to one degree or another where needed.

Jeff, if this the case, then I must sincerely apologize.  i was under
the impression that *all* of evolt's current hosting services were being
donated.  if you're unable or even just unwilling to continue to donate
hosting services for w.e.o, then IMO moving w.e.o. hosting costs off of
your back immediately becomes the first order of business.

i have to say this is very disconcerting news.  how bad is the financial
situation?  is w.e.o. in danger of going away at, like any time soon?


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