payin .jeff (Re: [theforum] RFV: ServerMatrix Hosting for l.e.o)

s t e f evolt at
Sun Jun 6 05:34:29 CDT 2004

<quote who='David Kaufman' when='06/06/2004 10:09'>

> Jeff, if this the case, then I must sincerely apologize.  i was under
> the impression that *all* of evolt's current hosting services were being
> donated.  if you're unable or even just unwilling to continue to donate
> hosting services for w.e.o, then IMO moving w.e.o. hosting costs off of
> your back immediately becomes the first order of business.
> i have to say this is very disconcerting news.  how bad is the financial
> situation?  is w.e.o. in danger of going away at, like any time soon?

Which means we're postponing vote until the situation is cleared?
(it would make sense)

s t e f (very silent at the moment because of furniture and computers 
moving around the house)

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