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On 4 Jun 2004, at 15:39, John Handelaar wrote:

> There's very little chance of anything happening unless and
> until people who may be able to code are also able to find
> out what the hell the current one *does*.  Not being on
> Content, I've never seen the thing in admin mode.
> Can someone please volunteer to provide a description of
> functions?


1) Workflow
It's a states/transitions type workflow. The states are:
a) New - author and admin can view and edit.
b) Approved - everyone can view. Author and admin can edit.
c) Pending - as per New
d) Denied - as per New
An article starts off as being New. Approval transition takes to 
Approved. Author edit moves from Approved to Pending. Denial transition 
moves to Denied
Admin gets notified of all transitions.
New and pending state articles visible in the sidebar
Approval and Denial transitions also notify author.

Theoretically, images should be hosted on the weo server before 
approval, but admin role cannot do this  - requires intervention from 
jeff (can't remember if ftp access required or if it's just reserved 
for the godmin role).

2) Comment cleansing
Admin is notified of comment complaints (grrrs)
Admin can edit and delete comments

3) Contact Us
Admin notified of contact us
Admin takes a contact and either responds or no-answers it
Admin notified of taking and response/no-answer

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