[theforum] RFV: ServerMatrix Hosting for l.e.o

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Jun 6 11:51:05 CDT 2004

Jeff Howden wrote:
> [snip]
> For example, I've submitted several invoices for hosting with the mention
> that I can no longer afford to foot the entire $100/month that WEO costs and
> could use some assistance with that expense.  I've mentioned this need for
> assistance with the expense of weo for the past 6+ months and haven't
> received an acknowledgement that the invoices are being received, let alone
> even being read.

Hmm.  Spanner.  Works.  As much as I'd like to see the new platform 
organised, let's sort this out before anything else.  I think the easiest 
thing to do at this point is pay for weo where it is instead of trying to 
huckle weo elsewhere - migrations are a bast at the best of times.

If we have enough cash for 2 yrs worth of servermatrix colo, I presume at a 
similar $100/mo, I'd suggest allocating a chunk of that for weo as is.

Also, please don't take offence to this Jeff, as I'm being honestly curious 
as opposed to accusatory, but why did it take 6 months for you to pipe up 
that you hadn't heard anything back yet?

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