[theforum] google AdSense makes dollars (as well as sense)

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Wed Jun 16 07:47:19 CDT 2004

Martin Paul Burns wrote:

> Who owns the rights for Sitepoint material? In our case, it's very clearly
> and deliberately the author, not evolt.org. Any reprint requests we get, we
> can only (and should only) redirect to the author, unless we had explicit
> permission to negotiate and accept payment on their behalf. Which we don't.

 From their latest mailout.

Over the last few months, SitePoint has had numerous
requests from sites around the world that want to
translate our content and reproduce articles for non-
English speaking audiences.

Obviously, SitePoint assesses each of these requests on
a case by case basis with the author of the work. But the
increase in the number of requests indicates the
growing popularity of SitePoint, from Eastern Europe to
South America!

If you receive a SitePoint email to let you know that
someone in a faraway land (or just next door!) wants to
show your work to a whole new audience, don't be
surprised. It's just a sign of things to come...

So it's quite possible that an author asked for payment. The only time 
sitePoint gets the copyright is when they pay for the article (they only 
pay for certain topics & for columnists, and for certain topics only if 
people request payment). It's quite possible that this was an article 
they paid $125 for.

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