[theforum] ServerMatrix Recommendation

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Jun 16 18:14:25 CDT 2004

.:| From: William Anderson
.:| Dean Mah wrote:
.:| > Given our budget of $100/month, the sysadmin group has come to a
.:| > comprise and would recommend getting the Super Celeron 
.:| 2.4 option at
.:| > ServerMatrix 
.:| (https://www.servermatrix.com/solutions/sc24_server.html)
.:| > for $59/month with the remaining money going to help support w.e.o
.:| > hosting.
.:| Let's do this thang.  How quickly can we organise this?

Pretty quickly. Dave?

The only thing i can think of delaying this is the payment method. The
quickest way would be using someone's credit card, or we could apply for a
paypal card and thus paying it directly from our account. Dave?


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