[theforum] Fwd: Re: [the****] Please trim, please don't top post.

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Jul 27 04:48:09 CDT 2004

Garrett Coakley wrote:
> What's the view of the people here? Should we look at tightening up
> thelist guidelines?

Yes :)

I try and post a list FAQ every so often to the smoothwall users list, 
perhaps this might give some discussion points as to any relevant issues for 
thelist ...


I for one would advocate no top posting and a more aggressive approach to 
get folk to trim replies.  I saw a 10KB mail to a linux user group list this 
morning which included the full text of the original mail, with two 
sentences added at the bottom (the more extreme version of bottom posting!) 
- we need to ensure that that sort of thing doesn't happen on thelist.

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