[theforum] Grooving On With Stuff

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Mon Aug 16 04:40:47 CDT 2004

neuro_ wrote on 13/08/2004 18:42:48:

> - switching primary DNS from everydns to the servermatrix box
>    this will let us do what we want with the domain when we want to -
>    no offence to david, as i don't think there's ever been a problem
>    with getting stuff updated, but much nicer to host stuff ourselves,
>    noh?

aye, where we can, but let's have independent backup... everydns as a
secondary or some such.

> - leo services moved over to tempest
>    johnh has done the grunt work of getting qmail + mailman up and
>    running, so let's take advantage of the higher processing power of
>    tempest and move leo over there.  we also need to decide (if we
>    haven't already) what we're doing with css-d - i imagine it's
>    moving too, and i've no issue with that, but is that something
>    that's been codified, or just talked about and nothing decided?

Hasn't been talked about specifically in regard to the move, but the
current position is that we have offered to host css-d, so unless we
explicitly decide otherwise, the status quo should remain.

>    this probably means we can and should park mail for evolt.org
>    there too, so we could have evolt.org mail aliases :>


With spam-filtering too (mmmm DSPAM, now running at over 99% spam filtering
accuracy). John put on the qmailrocks install afaik, so we've got
SpamAssassin out of the box.

> - beo moved over to tempest
>    this will let the evolt.org.uk raq be what it was meant to be
>    in the first place in relation to evolt.org - a beo mirror :)


> - next gen *eo written and tested
>    a codevolt by the end of the year would be a good call - sometime
>    between TOevolt and ne'er would be cool i think :)  if we at least
>    get stuff really *started*, it's better than how it stands just
>    now (some mockups and html tests, and a PoC by johnh/seb)

Again, I offer my gaff for this.


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