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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Aug 16 06:57:35 CDT 2004

Martin Paul Burns wrote:
> neuro_ wrote on 13/08/2004 18:42:48:
>>- switching primary DNS from everydns to the servermatrix box
>>   this will let us do what we want with the domain when we want to -
>>   no offence to david, as i don't think there's ever been a problem
>>   with getting stuff updated, but much nicer to host stuff ourselves,
>>   noh?
> aye, where we can, but let's have independent backup... everydns as a
> secondary or some such.

yeah, just mentioned that in a mail replying to david

> [snip]
> *cough*evolters.org*cough*

good point - we could and should move evolters.org dns over to tempest and 
start working on it

>>- next gen *eo written and tested
>>   a codevolt by the end of the year would be a good call - sometime
>>   between TOevolt and ne'er would be cool i think :)  if we at least
>>   get stuff really *started*, it's better than how it stands just
>>   now (some mockups and html tests, and a PoC by johnh/seb)
> Again, I offer my gaff for this.

saucy, sounds like a plan - get as many uk/euvolters in one physical place, 
get us/ca/in/othervolters online in #evolt and collaborate.

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