[theforum] Re: Please trim, please don't top post.

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Fri Sep 3 10:31:37 CDT 2004

[see thread with same subject: <http://lists.evolt.org/theforumarchive/

This discussion stalled, and I got sidetracked with work. Now that I have
some free time I'm starting it up again. I'd like to get some sort of
resolution on this issue, as I've just waded through 600+ messages
playing catchup and the amount of top-posts made me want to weep. 

As I recall from the thread, we were haggling over long urls, and as I
was the only one who raised an objection to the tiny url why don't we
just go with them for the time being so we can get some sort of regular
'these are the guidelines' post to thelist going.

(sudden thought)

To mitigate the 'mystery link' problem, could we add the domain in
brackets after each tiny url in the text version to give viewers an idea
where the links go? Slashdot does something similar for outbound links in


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