[theforum] Re: What do weo4weo?

Martin Burns yumyum at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 06:31:06 CST 2004

I think that makes a lot of sense, Dave.

So +1 to what you suggest.

However, in the interests of actually *getting* our asses in gear, I'd
like to add the condition that it be for a 3 month period only, ending
31st Jan: NewWEO goes live on 1st Feb. That being the case, if it would
be helpful to Jeff's cashflow, we could probably pay up front.

We should probably have a review in mid-Jan to check that we're going to
make it, and extend as necessary, but that should be an *explicit*

This means that we won't have an open-ended situation that is never ending
because we don't do anything about it.


On Thu, November 4, 2004 7:40 am, David Kaufman said:

> Of course, Jeff is not looking to profit from providing service to evolt
> (if he had been, then he's an even worse businessman than I... :-) ),
> and has indicated that he would find evolt carrying just half of the
> load, or $50 per month, "just dandy".
> Lastly since we have always assumed, and Jeff admits, that for much of
> that time he was, in spirit and in deed, donating this server service in
> whole, it was agreed that evolt should not have to, and need not
> (especially since we cannot) repay hosting fees retroactively back to
> February of 2003.  Jeff's position is that he assumed that his
> open-ended donation commitment was to be temporary, until such a time as
> evolt became financially able to support it's own bandwidth habit.
> This to me seems fair, and we both could agree that the point of self
> sufficiency must have come to pass the day we started renting the
> ServerMatrix box, back in June.
> So can I get a +1 (or six?) to ratify this treaty, stop this bloodshed,
> bring the boys & girls home, and agree to reimburse Mr. Howden for the
> last 5 months of back hosting (at 50% street value) and to buy back his
> heart and mind... or at least rent them for $50 per month, until such a
> time as we can get off our collective asses and get our ass off of Cold
> Fusion?

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