[theforum] Cats and pigeons

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Sun Nov 7 21:54:10 CST 2004

OK, I'll break for the tape.

I think we should port evolt.org to Drupal ( http://drupal.org ).

It's a PHP app, which encourages a large number of evolters to 
contribute code if they wish.

It's modular, which means we can add custom functionality with 
plugins which can be spun back to the community while still 
letting people have the option of being our code rockstars.

It has ACLs.

It has a forum module which we could use to make our list 
archives suck less with.

It supports images.

It uses all-CSS templates if we want them.

It supports *all manner* of neat evolters-like stuff like blogs 
if we want to go all Advogato.

With it we can (and in my view should), K5-like, turn over the 
article submission process to our users.

We can also, with the cunning use of existing file stores and 
available plugins, also use it to manage DEO and BEO.

But most importantly of all - we can more or less replicate what 
we have *extremely* quickly without getting into the (again in my 
view) extreme vanity and pointlessness of building something from 

Well, there it is.  Have at it.


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