[theforum] Cats and pigeons

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Mon Nov 8 10:22:06 CST 2004

Genghis wrote on 08/11/2004 04:54:10:

> I think we should port evolt.org to Drupal ( http://drupal.org ).

Coming in from left field, in part serious, in part to provoke discussion,
and in part to annoy John ;-) :

In the early days of evolt, it was reputadely suggested that the evolt site
should be a wiki. Now before anyone jumps in with voices of doom of
wikidom, I can see certain benefits to the idea:

1) We don't *need* pre-publication editing
2) The community can expand small articles
3) In fact, there *is* no problem with small articles
4) It's no less structured than what we have now
5) If we had ratings, then the *community's* opinion would promote
articles, not some abstract authorial voice
6) It could nicely merge the weo and evolters concepts

Actually, to summarise most of this: control passes to the community. Which
is Goodness.

Obviously, it would need tying into version control and permissions (ie
anon users don't get to edit!), which suggests that it runs with something
behind it to supply that (http://www.zwiki.org for example).

No doubt this is going to get flamed all to hell and back again (probably
deservedly), but just hang back on the petrol for a moment, and think "Some
of these benefits could be useful whatever we end up with. Is there a way
of incorporating them..?"


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