back ontopic: RE: [theforum] weo 2b: Suits you sir? was: Cats and pigeons

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at
Mon Nov 8 11:04:20 CST 2004

John wrote
> OK, I'll break for the tape.
> I think we should port to Drupal ( ).

Based on requirements that we don't yet have. Can we please stop putting
carts before horses.

Although you have answered one of my questions:

.:| The third big challenge we have is the perennial one: Do we
.:| a) Customise a packaged CMS,
.:| b) Bespoke a system again

> But most importantly of all - we can more or less replicate what
> we have *extremely* quickly without getting into the (again in my
> view) extreme vanity and pointlessness of building something from
> scratch.

+1 to that.

Opinion on the other 2 questions..?


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