[theforum] Cats and pigeons

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Mon Nov 8 11:29:04 CST 2004

On 7-Nov-04, at 10:54 PM, John Handelaar wrote:
> I think we should port evolt.org to Drupal ( http://drupal.org ).

Sounds good to me. Although I find Drupal very poorly and confusingly 
documented for the lowly designer like me, I know that all you more 
technically oriented evolters will love it - since all of the techy 
people I know who have used it *rave* about it.

I am hereby volunteering to snazzify the drupal theme/template or 
whatever it is termed to make it "evolted" in whichever way we all 
agree on.

Was that wishy-washy enough? ;-D


Tara Cleveland
Web Design

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