[theforum] weo 2b: to OSS or not?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Mon Nov 8 22:03:57 CST 2004

Hi John,

John Handelaar <john at userfrenzy.com> wrote:
> No, no, no, no, no.
> -1.
> Screw it, -10000000.
> Coldfusion for any platform, plus MS SQL Server, plus a server to
> run it on?   Reckless, gigantic, verging on *amoral* waste of
> donated money.
> Let me get something out there in very short phrases:
> [snip]
> But take any more of the money we raised for hosting and piss it
> up the wall on software licenses?   There's a principle I *do* have.

You make a convincing argument but you're too late.  I already gave up

Everyone is so jazzed about Drupal I decided to it'd I was just
dampening the the enthusiasm, so I'm shutting up about ColdFusion on
Linux, or using the existing system as a spec, and trying to migrate in
a minimalist way.

I am still worried that not enough progress will be made fast enough for
us to put the current system to bed by February but I'm obviously the
only one that thinks so, and I'd love to be proven wrong!

It's good to see so many people coming out of the woodwork with a
positive outlook and can-do attitude!  Drupal seems to have a coolitude
factor that has the ability to inspires lurkers to become volunteers,
and that is *just* the kind of powerful manna we need around here.


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