[theforum] weo 2b: to OSS or not?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Nov 9 04:06:48 CST 2004

.:| From: David Kaufman
.:| >
.:| > Is anyone really considering starting from scratch?
.:| > I'm not. I'm considering using drupal out of the box, with the
.:| > developed modules that can be downloaded from their website.
.:| Well, you are right.  If (but only if) Drupal or any other canned
.:| solution *meets* the requirements, and doesn't require extensive
.:| customizations, then absolutely that is a huge win.  But I don't
.:| know if it does meet our requirements, cuz there's no spec that
.:| one can point to, that defines all of them.  And there's no spec
.:| because there are contending goals being discussed.

Ok, I'll cave, trying to find a middle ground here.
I'm going to sit down for a few hours today and look at what evolt.org does
currently and see if Drupal does it and in what way it does it differently.

It's not going to be a perfect spec, that i promise, but rather a listing of
(hopefully) all the aspects of evolt.org.

.:| The fact is that most users of web-based 
.:| CMS's are single
.:| users, using the CMS to manage small to medium size sites, 
.:| possibly with
.:| features to support interactions with many anonymous 
.:| visitors and some
.:| registered users.  This is how you are using it, right?  You like it
.:| because it meets *your* needs; 

Actually, I like it because I see its possibilities.
It didn't meet my needs, per se, but rather I fell in love with its endless

.:| > Then the 'only' thing we'd need to focus on for the next couple of
.:| > months is the migration of the data, which i realise will 
.:| be PITA any
.:| > which way you go.
.:| Migrate the data after we launch?  Which data do want to explain to
.:| users is going to be missing for "a while", the article 

Errr. Nope. I meant of course, migrate the data during the two months of
preps ;)
And then launch and then do the addons.

.:| > Right. I suppose this could be done as an interim 
.:| solution ... But, I
.:| > don't know .... My problem with evolt.org right now is 
.:| its dullness
.:| > and out of dateness. I thought it would be a good idea to somehow
.:| > rekindle some enthusiasm.
.:| That's all I'm suggesting!  90 days is an interim :-)  and 
.:| if we need a
.:| little more time after that (like two years :-)) to complete the
.:| development of the new Drupalized Evolt, *then* is when we have the
.:| luxury of selling no wine before its time.

.:| Specs *are* scary.  If they're not thorough and well 
.:| thought out, than
.:| they are a waste of time.  Doing them right takes time and 
.:| effort, and a
.:| very boring sort of time and effort, too.

Which is why i iterate that what i'm going to do is not specs :)

.:| Someone go make a list of everything WEO does, so we can 
.:| cut it to only
.:| what it must do, and decide if Drupal does that... Drupal 
.:| experts?

Lets see what i can produce.

*the stubborn one*

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